Dax L. Feliz
Mentorship through the Central American-Caribbean Bridge Program with Bryan Villarreal Alvarado:

Bryan Villarreal Alvarado: Guanacaste Exoplanet Hunter on the Search for Alien Worlds

My First Mentorship Experience with Samantha Bianco:

Student’s fascination with astronomy inspires first completed Immersion Vanderbilt project Through Vanderbilt's Immersion program, I worked with undergraduate student Samantha Bianco to search for transiting exoplanets with TESS data. In the history of Vanderbilt University, Samantha is the first student to submit a completed project. So proud!

AU Microscopii b:

A summary of the discovery of AU Mic b. My advisor, Keivan Stassun and I were among the astronomers on the team that helped discover this planet.

Proxima Centauri:

A conversation about the difficulty of detecting and confirming the existence of the planet Proxima Centauri b.

World Meet Dax:
My very first interview!